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Frequently Asked Questions


If you are new to counselling, you could be wondering . . .

  Is counselling confidential?

Definitely!  That is one of the beautiful things about counselling - being able to discuss things with a confidential objective listener.  HOWEVER, there are some rare cases that take precedent over confidentiality.  These have to do with anticipated specific HARM and if the courts require session records by law.  Your counsellor will go over these with you.




 2  Will my employee benefits cover the cost of counselling?

Many benefit providers have specific counselling arrangements.  Different providers have a variety of relationships with employers and employees.  It is recommended that clients check with benefit providers to ensure coverage is provided.




 3  We are already seeing Jeff for couples counselling - but I think I need my own individual counselling as well.  What should I do?

Ideally, if you are already seeing a counsellor as a couple, then you should seek individual counselling with a different counsellor.  This will help counsellors avoid sticky "conflict-of-interest" issues.  Ask your counsellor if their is someone they might recommend.  Chances are, I have someone in mind.




 4  How many sessions will this take?

I am invested in getting my clients moving forward.  After our first session, I will likely have an idea of how long we should continue to meet for.  I often tell clients that ultimately I want to get fired (but, in a good way!).  Ideally, the client gets to a place where they no longer need me.  One more thing - I am not interested in wasting your time.  If we can't see an obvious need for us to continue meeting . . . then we won't.




 5  Do you have another question?

If you think you know of another question that people seem to be asking, then please submit it HERE

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