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For most of my life, I've known that I wanted to connect with people and to help others in a meaningful way.  As a teacher and a coach, I enjoyed spending time instructing, helping and motivating others.  Still I wanted to be able to do more.  In completing the M.Ed. (Counselling) program I was on my way to figuring out how I could really be there for others.  My past experience (ie:  I'm old) and my training have made me a well-rounded counsellor.  I know that I don't have all the answers - It was Socrates who once said "I know that I know nothing."  For me that means that the client is the expert on his/ her situation.  My job is to come alongside and hopefully shed some light in the direction that they want to go.


I've helped many couples to identify, understand, and modify behavioural patterns in order to build well-connected relationships.  I believe that partners can learn to appreciate each other in a fresh way.

*Emotion-Focused Therapy

*Attachment-based Therapy

*Hold Me Tight approach


Most people go through a period in life where they just wish they had someone objective to talk to.  I've walked beside many as they seek a way to live their best lives.  I've worked with a variety of clients with a wide range of needs and concerns.


*Acceptance Commitment Therapy

*Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Children & Teens

With 25+ years of working in education, I've worked with literally thousands of students.  I have experience communicating openly with kids/ teens of any age, background, and circumstance.  Being a teenager today is not easy, and talking with someone who isn't your parent . . . can be invaluable.  



*Acceptance Commitment Therapy

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