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“Jeff helped me identify and understand some of my self-destructive patterns.  Using my past as a springboard for learning, together we sourced out my strengths and used them to make some much needed changes.” (G.P.)

“After several failed attempts to get helpful counselling, we found what we needed from Jeff  -  From the first session, we were given tools to communicate and grow together as a couple, instead of pushing each other away. He coached us as we practiced our new skills, pushed us out of our comfort zones, and yet was able to help us shift gears when we got overwhelmed." (Pam and Dave, married 13 years)

“I was suffering from depression and anxiety and going to Jeff gave me the confidence that I would get better! He related to me in the kindest way! He was very understanding and genuinely listened . . . helped me see how I could change my life for the better." (Cheryl, 36)

I value your feedback!!  If you're willing to offer your own testimonial (anonymous, of course), then please feel free to do so . . .

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