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Reflecting on the Past

I had this cool picture up on my zoom screen - and then my friend said "I like that picture - but if you stare at that mirror too long, ummm, you're gonna crash." The past can be like that. For better or for worse, if you keep staring, keep focusing, on it, then you are at risk of crashing because you are not paying attention to the present or to where you are going.

People are like this. Of course, it is easy to imagine someone who is haunted by a horrific past - but there are others that are paralyzed by the fantastic memories of their wonderful past. I guess the point is . . . that both perspectives have a way of keeping us shackled to the past and from fully being present in the car.

I've also heard people say that the windshield is that big for a reason, compared to your sideview/ rearview mirrors. This tells you where your focus needs to be. I taught my three now adult children how to drive. It wasn't pretty - there is a lot to take in for a new driver - glancing at mirrors, spatial awareness, safety concerns . . . it's a lot. The end goal is, of course, to enjoy getting where you want to go . . . forward.

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